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Creating Connections to Success

What She Faced: Dealing with issues at home, DeeAndra's academics suffered and she was ready to drop-out. How CIS-SA Helped: Our site coordinator, Ms. Jones, worked closely with DeeAndra to identify how she could improve her academics. In addition, Ms. Jones enrolled DeeAndra in a girls leadership group to help boost her self-esteem and to provide a safe [...]

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Shaping Futures Through Mentorship

What He Faced: Victor struggled in school due to the strained relationship between himself and his twin brother. How CIS-SA Helped: Once Victor's site coordinator, Ms. Vargas, learned about the struggles Victor faced at home she connected him with a mentor through our InspireU program. The relationship forged between Ms. Vargas and his mentor, Stan, helped [...]

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Building Relationships to Overcome Obstacles

What They Faced: As a single parent, Mr. Jimenez faced unforeseen challenges for himself and his children,  Cristina and Joshua. How CIS-SA Helped: Cristina and Joshua's site coordinator, Ms. Roxanna, linked Mr. Jimenez with resources to ease the burdens he faced as a single parent. By working closely with the family, Ms. Roxanna also identified the [...]

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Strengthened by Peer Relationships

What She Faced: After a death in the family, Ebony found herself struggling to focus on her academics, leading to her being retained in the eighth grade. How CIS-SA Helped: Ebony's site coordinator enrolled her in a credit-recovery program  so she could catch up with her peers. Ebony's involvement in a CIS-SA led girls leadership group has provided a [...]

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Achieving a School and Work Balance

What He Faced: Taking on many responsibilities, Hector strives to excel in school while juggling a full-time job. His involvement in our Upward Bound program helped Hector to see the opportunities that come with higher education. How CIS-SA Helped: With the support of his Pre-College Advisor, Mr. Regan, Hector received the guidance he needed to be [...]

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A Passion for Acting

What She Faced: Coping with the devastating loss of her father, Rachel struggled with focusing on school and faced issues with her confidence. How CIS-SA Helped: Our site coordinator, Sandra, enrolled Rachel in a grief group and provided a safe place Rachel could visit when she needed extra support. Sandra encouraged Rachel to pursue her passion [...]

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